My Account
This guide will help you through the options available at the section My Account. Your profile information will help other users understand more about your organisation and your role in it.
My Account information
Your account data are divided into two sections:

1. Company Representative Information:
- Job title: Your role in the organization;
- Contact phone: Your contact phone number with the country code.
If you have registered using your Google account, your name and surname will be automatically provided from your Google account.
2. Company Information:
- Logo: Add the URL link to the logo of your organization;
- Name: The title of your organization;
- Description: A short description of your organization, describe the type of data/patients you work with, the number of patients you represent, etc.;
- Website: The URL to the website of your organization;
- Country: The country where your organisation is based.
The Company Information view does not give the option to change the Data Region of your metadata. In case it is needed to change, please contact