Sending a request
After you have finished browsing and have found the dataset to request, there is an option to request access to the full dataset or to query a list of specific data items within the dataset and request access only to that.
Requesting dataset fully
Choose this option if you are not interested in specific data items and if the collaboration you are seeking is applicable to the whole dataset. In such cases open the dataset and click on the button Request All Dataset.
Querying the data
If you are interested in specific data items, use the query tool to select data samples fitting your interest and Send Request only for your selection.

Sending a collaboration request
Next, fill in the request input fields in the Send Request form:
- Subject: One-sentence description of the request.
- Description: Details about the requesting organization, proposed project, goals, or a short description of your interest in regards to the dataset.

When a collaboration request is sent, the Data Publisher will receive a new request with information about the data acquirer, metadata file, and, if the data query has been performed, selected filtering parameters.
Data publisher can then communicate with the Collaborator about further collaboration – discuss additional details about the dataset, how the data transaction might proceed, and discuss next steps if both sides decide to pursue this collaboration.