Role of a Publisher or Collaborator
To use the Curator platform each user is assigned a role: Data publisher and/or Collaborator.
User roles
There are three user role options:
1. Data Publisher - any institution (biobank, registry, clinical institutions, patient organization, etc.) that is willing to publish data, but is not interested in querying and browsing other datasets.
If you are a Data Publisher you can create an unlimited amount of datasets. Within the Curator platform, you can edit, update, manage permissions and unpublish your datasets at any time.
2. Collaborator - any institution (a sponsor, government or research institution, etc.) that is interested in browsing and exploring published datasets, but has no intent to publish datasets themselves.
If you have a Collaborator role assigned to you, you will see the collection of public dataset and also the datasets that institutions have shared directly with you.
3. Both Publisher and Collaborator - any institution that is interested in both dataset publishing and browsing.
Interfaces for dataset publishing are available immediately after the registration is complete.
If the selected role includes access to public dataset collection, Longenesis will verify if the user has completed the subscription fee payment or is eligible to participate on any other conditions previously settled with Longenesis.
The user role is selected when registering on Curator and can be updated later by sending a request for the additional role via the platform.
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